When & where is the festival?

Festival is Thursday 25th- Saturday 27th February 2016 at The Longfield Suite, Prestwich M25 1AY. Details on how to get here via bus and tram are available here

What are the times and last entrances?

  • Thursday 25th Feb – doors open 6pm, last entrance 10pm, last orders 11pm, finish 11.30pm
  • Friday 26th Feb – doors open 12pm, last entrance 10.30pm, last orders 11.30pm, finish 12am
  • Saturday 27th Feb – doors open 12pm, last entrance 10.30pm, last orders 1am, finish 1.30am

What are the admission prices?

This year we have adopted an all-inclusive admission for Friday/Saturday – this will speed things along at the front door and get you to the bar as quickly as possible!

Thursday VIP tickets can be bought via skiddle (see link on the tickets page) or via Cuckoo and All the Shapes in Prestwich and Piccadilly records in Manchester.

All Prices include entrance, limited edition glass and programme.

  • Thursday Evening                                           £12 advance – £15 on the door (subject to                                                                                           capacity)
  • Festival Pass                                                     £25

All Prices include entrance, limited edition glass, programme and £5 of beer tokens.

  • Friday afternoon 12-6pm                              £10 (£7 to CAMRA members, NHS and HM                                                                                                    Forces)
  • Friday evening 6pm onwards                      £12
  • Saturday all day (incl. evening)                  £12
  • Cocktail masterclass                                       £15

Do I pay a glass deposit?

No. This year we have included the cost of your glass in your admission. The glasses include a donation to the festival charity, Super Josh, and are an exclusive design for 2016. Consequently, there will be no glass deposit refunds – and as a result of this, our chosen charity SuperJosh benefits.

Can I buy tickets in advance?

Tickets can only be bought in advance for the Thursday VIP Launch Night with Badly Drawn Boy. There are also a small number of Festival passes available in advance for those wishing to attend every day of the festival. Friday and Saturday are pay on the door (subject to capacity).

Why is there a fee for booking tickets online?

BeerPrest is using Skiddle for online tickets and they charge an admin booking fee.

How much is a pint/drink?

The cost of a pint is anywhere between £3 – £4, depending on ABV of the beer or cider. Wine is £2.50 – £4.50, depending on the drink size and all the gins are from £4 (including mixer).

 Do you sell drinks in thirds and halves?

We only sell drinks in half pints and pints for beer and cider and 125ml, 175ml and 250ml for wine. Gins are served in either 25ml or 50 ml measures.

Will there be food available at the venue? How do you pay?

Yes, this year our food concessions are: Tampopo, The Real Thai Pie and Meet Frank. There will also be crisps and chocolate bars available at The Longfield Suite Bar. All food concessions are cash only.

Are there beer tokens or is it a cash bar?

All bars (with the exception of the Longfield bar) are token bars. We find this quicker and easier not only for you but also for the army of volunteers who help us. Tokens can be bought as you come in and can be topped up at any time.

Can unused/partly used beer tokens be refunded?

No. Once purchased, please use them on the day purchased. The design will change each day of the festival, so they also cannot be used on different days. If you have any left on your token sheet, seek out a SuperJosh volunteer and please donate to this excellent cause.

Can I get a pass out?

Due to the popularity of the festival we can only allow a quick pass out of 15 minutes so people can have a smoke, get cash etc…. No drinks can be taken outside the venue.

You ran out of beer last year – will this happen again?

The million dollar question! Good news is we have ordered a LOT more beer this year – more than 50%. However, we do not ration the beers and we cannot simply order more cask beer, as it generally takes more than 24 hours to settle for consumption.

We have reviewed what happened last year and we will be having beer lists in the entrance so everyone can see what beers and ciders are left – before you pay to get in.

Will I have to queue to get in?

It is possible that you may have to queue at busy times. There is a limit to the number of people we can have in the venue (for health and safety reasons), so there may be times when there is a one in/one out policy. We will keep everyone updated via social media and on the door if this situation occurs.

Can I bring by own drinks?

No. The festival bars serve beer, cider, wine, prosecco, lager and gin. The Longfield bar has spirits as well as tea, coffee and soft drinks for those who don’t want to drink.

 Can I bring children?

Under 18s are welcome but must leave the festival by 5pm on both the Friday and Saturday afternoons. Safety is important to us, so each child must be accompanied by an adult, who’ll be responsible for them inside the venue.

Why do I have to pay to get in?

An event like this has a lot of costs associated with it. We pride ourselves in making sure that your beer, cider and other drinks are of the best quality and served properly, you have great food, supporting local charities as well as putting on some fantastic entertainment. We do not get anything donated, so we have to charge an admission to cover these costs.


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