Prestwich Beer Festival in association with Beer Junkets , a Prestwich based beer tour operator and Upfront Apparel a print specialist. Here is a little more about the organisers and…

Headline Partners – Beer Junkets
Beer Junkets was established to offer beer enthusiasts the opportunity to savour the continent’s greatest beers at Europe’s premier beer festivals. Our trips are ideal for sole travellers, small and large groups alike.

It wasn’t going to be long before Beer Junkets decided to bring their beer festival experience to Prestwich, and thank goodness they did!

Visit them on twitter – @beerjunkets or facebook – beerjunkets.

Headline Partners – Upfront Apparel
Upfront Apparel are a Manchester based company offering a one stop solution for all your printing needs, with over 100,000 garments printed every week. If they can’t do it nobody can! They are proud to be the provider of the Official Festival T Shirts.

Visit them at Upfront Apparel


Festival Organiser – Emma Knight
Emma Knight works for local niche Tour Operator Beer Junkets and is the lady behind the organisation of Prestwich Beer Festival. She is the one who convinced her employers to get involved!